“Home Remedy” by Ted Katauskas

Colorado Summit Magazine Summer-Fall 2016

In the Summer/Fall 2016 issue of Colorado Summit there is an interesting article entitled “Home Remedy” by Ted Katauskas.  A company, called Altitude Control Technologies, in Denver can install an air separator that continuously controls the amount of oxygen in a room based on barometric pressure and people entering and exiting that room.  So far, these devices have been used commercially and are now beginning to be used in high-priced dream homes.  There are medical implications of this technology for possible treatment of high altitude illnesses such as hypoxia or HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema).  For children, the implications would be adequate perfusion of oxygen to the organs to carry out life’s functions and promote healthy growth.  Imagine being able to treat hypoxia in the home by simply the push of a button.  Currently, this technology is very expensive.  It does beg the question, could an air separator be subsidized by insurance, or added into the construction of a new home?  Certainly, this technology holds promise for possible future treatment. 

Submitted by Joe Brath, NP Student from Georgetown University rotating Summer 2016

3 thoughts on ““Home Remedy” by Ted Katauskas”

  1. very interesting! Thanks Joe. Our future in the mountains will be very different with this technology

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