School problems and orthodontics

My nurse practitioner Laura Amedro and I met with local orthodontist Al Bishop yesterday. Sleep problems are more common at high altitude, and providers caring for children know that poor sleep can cause difficulties with learning and behavior, including ADHD. Dr. Bishop listed ten diseases made worse by poor sleep, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and others. 

How does this tie in with the person who provides braces? Dr. Bishop showed us photos of mouths and teeth that can cause airway constriction.  Expanders inserted inside the mouth (no more “head gear”) correct these problems but are more effective when started earlier. Some children can be identified and treated as early as 7 years.

Dr. Bishop has offices in Edwards and Summit County, so he is familiar with altitude issues. Night time oximetry is the recommended screening test for airway problems. This has to be ordered by a health care provider such as Laura or myself.

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