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Megan Rhoades asked 1 year ago

I have a health 3 month old baby boy. We currently reside in Pueblo West, CO (4,960 elevation) but we are building a home in Nathrop, CO (7,980 elevation). The home is just about complete and we are want to move in very soon. Our pediatrician in Pueblo said that if we move we will need to have oxygen for our son until he is 6 months old. We have visited the house for short periods of time (1 hour) with our son and stayed for a several hours in Salida (7,080 elevation) and he has not shown any signs of altitude sickness. My question is when we move do we need to have oxygen for him like our pediatrician recommends? Are there any oxygen monitors we can buy that will work on an infant that young? 
Megan Rhoades 

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Roberto Santos Staff answered 1 year ago

It’s unlikely that there would be any problems. Babies don’t typically need oxygen unless there is a pre-existing respiratory condition (cold, respiratory infection …). Our blog on Dr. Chris’s interview with Charting Pediatrics shares their entire transcript and goes into much more detail, which should reassure you. But please feel free to reach out again with any more specific questions or concerns!

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