Infant driving from sea level to 7,600 ft

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Mary St. Dennis asked 10 months ago


My daughter will be turning 3 months right when we plan on driving Montrose from California where we will be staying indefinitely. My dad lives in the middle of nowhere in the mountains, we have been inside since March (not even the grocery store) with the exception of the hospital to have my daughter in April, and will get to the house and stay at the house.  The elevation at my dads house is just about 7,600 ft. 

First – Do you think this is unwise for us to take this trip given her age and the fact that going to the hospital is not a great option given covid? 

Second – We plan on driving our camper van so we won’t have to stop anywhere. That being said there’s not enough room in the van for us to stay comfortably overnight. Do you think it is safe for us to drive straight through if we stop to feed her and stretch our legs (30min+ each time) every 2 – 3 hours? Is that too fast in terms of getting her acclimatized? 

Thank you for your time!

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Dr. Chris Staff answered 9 months ago

I just saw your question.  Sounds like you are taking appropriate precautions.  The baby should be fine.  Don’t hesitate to call or test anytime if you have questions  970-390-1616

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